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Conveyor System

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Conveyors are commonly used devices on assembly lines across a wide range of industries. We are often used to transport material with minimal effort within a short distance. They are a critical element in today’s ever-evolving supply chains and manufacturing processes.

While conveyors might seem simple, their scale and application make it necessary to choose the right one. You may end up spending additional time and money if you don’t consider basic properties such as weight, speed, maintenance, wash-down requirements, and more when selecting a conveyor.

Conveyors come in different shapes and sizes depending on the end-application. Here are the most common types of conveyors:

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Pencil Roller Conveyor
  • Slat Chain Conveyor
  • Spiral Conveyor
  • Wire Mesh Conveyor
  • Multiflex Chain Conveyor
  • Special conveyors

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