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Flow Wrap Machines are Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines where a product is kept on a conveyor and automatically it is packaged in a plastic in a roll stock format, the main applications of this machine are packaging materials like food items, sanitary napkins, confectionary and bakery items.

The wrapper packages product by wrapping it in film. The wrapper has an infeed conveyor, a film feed assembly, a forming area, a cutting head, and a discharge area. Product is placed on the infeed conveyor. As the infeed conveyor delivers product to the forming area, film is drawn from the film feed assembly into the forming area, where a film tube is formed around the product and a fin seal is created. The film tube and the product then are delivered to the cutting head. The cutting head creates the end seals while it cuts apart adjoining wrapped products into individual packages, and delivers the packages to the discharge area. From the discharge area, the packages can be either cartoned at a packing station or accumulated for packing at a later time.

Features :

  • Flow Wrapper is Customizable
  • High speed, automated alternative to traditional bagging practices
  • Fast and Easy Change Overs
  • Extreme Versatility
  • Easy to Operate
  • High Quality sealing
  • Pouch Style flexibility
  • Product Feeding – Automatic / Manual
  • Fast and Flexible Production Process
    • Promptly adapt to irregular production flow
    • Handle products arriving at different speeds
    • Positions products at correct distance
    • Machine guarding with safety interlocks.
  • Construction – Mild Steel or Stainless-steel tubular frame

Specifications :

  • Speed
    • Cycles/Min: up to 120
    • Meters/Min: 30m
  • Range of Dimensions of Product
    • Length: 80-350mm
    • Width: 10-240mm
    • Height: 10-120mm
  • Film Reel Sizes
    • Max. Width: 600mm
    • Min. Internal Diameter: 70mm
    • Max. External Diameter: 350mm
    • Max. Weight: 35 kg
  • Machine Dimensions – L-3600mm, W-1400mm, H-2000mm
  • Machine Weight – 1000kg (Approx.)

Product Range