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Secondary Packaging Machines & Systems

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Secondary packaging groups, contains and protects the primary packaging and product during shipping and distribution. Its main goals are to protect products and provide branding during shipping. It is also used as display packaging in retail locations such as grocery stores.

Secondary packaging has two core packaging formats: flexible and rigid. Flexible packaging uses films. Rigid packaging uses chipboard or corrugate.

Secondary packaging is commonly completed in the same facility where the primary packaging is created in order to streamline production and packaging processes. This can significantly reduce labour period and costs.

Secondary packaging can be completed using manual, semi-automated, or fully automated processes depending on the product/application and line speed.

Secondary packaging equipment can be designed for and operated in a variety of environments including clean rooms, dusty environments, wash down applications and refrigerated areas.

It includes secondary packaging machines and various systems depends upon applications.

  • Case Erector
  • Case Filler
  • Case Sealer
  • Tray Erector
  • Cartoner
  • Flow Wrapper
  • Shrink Wrapper

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