Conveyors Manufacturer in Pune and Supplier in Pune, India


What are Conveyors ?

A conveyor is a device that is used to transfer material from point A to point B with/without intermediate loading and unloading points.

Conveyor is horizontal, inclined or vertical devices for moving or transporting bulky material or objects in a path by the design. Conveyors manufacturer available for sorting any type of systems.

Types of Conveyors

Technosmart Automation Pvt. Ltd offer various types of Industrial Conveyors like:

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Slat Chain Conveyor
  • Spiral Conveyor
  • Wire Mesh Conveyor
  • Special Conveyor

Benefits of Conveyors

Conveyors offer a wide range of benefits

  • Large amount of savings in labour costs

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